Briefings and Reports

Briefings from the Greens For a Better Europe campaign, facts and figures, and reports on the benefits of EU membership.

A guide from the Green European Foundation on the EU institutions, how they operate, and how they are funded.

Extensive breakdown of EU funding streams that the South West has recieved since 2009.

TUC document assessing the effect that the UK’s membership of the EU has had on our employment rights.

The Wildlife Trusts’ position statement, which concludes that remaining in the EU is the safest outcome for our wildlife and environment.

Notes debunking the most common myths about the EU – suitable as notes for speakers at referendum events.

Overview of Green Reasons to Remain in the EU – suitable as notes for speakers.

Including key Green facts and statistics.

Exeter Green Party’s speech at the launch event for Students for Europe at Exeter University.

Breifing on the impact a Leave vote might have on the progressive side of climate change diplomacy.

Greens For a Better Europe breifing on  EU and green business.

Sometimes it’s the little things – 10 things the EU does to make holidays easier.

Everyday benefits for everyday people.

Frequently asked questions about how the Greens would reform the EU.

Briefing on EU Fisheries policies and how they benefit the UK fishing industry.

Print out sheet from the Green Party Trade Union group on the EU and workers rights