Protecting Nature

Speaking in the European Parliament Molly Scott Cato MEP said:

“In this time of crisis for our continent, Britain must be seen to be strongly committed to the European Union and working in partnership with our European neighbours to achieve the best for our continent as a whole, not seeking to negotiate a special deal based on self interest.

“Yesterday we saw what the European Union is really about when members of the parliament voted overwhelmingly against fracking operations and to apply the precautionary principle to GMO approvals. We also voted to oppose any revision to the nature directives, which protect some of the UK’s best loved sites and areas of natural beauty.

“The environment knows no borders and EU co-operation is essential to protect our shared heritage. The European Union is a beacon to rest of the world on standards of environmental protection, animal welfare and employment rights. These things are not red tape challenging competitiveness – but symbols of living in a civilised society. This is what makes me proud to be a European, and this is what convinces me and my party that we will campaign wholeheartedly for the UK to remain a member of the European union.”

Please help us to make the case for a Greener In for nature in the South West, by donating to our campaign.  Here’s a short video about the campaign: