Our Steel Industry Needs European Cooperation

The story of Port Talbot is a classic example of government deceit and incompetence.

Sajid Javid has had the gall to blame the EU for not introducing tariffs on Chinese steel, which is being dumped on world markets and destroying higher-quality European production facilities. But it was the British government that blocked these higher tariffs that were proposed by the EU Commission, arguing for free trade as part of the national kowtow to China. So our government has refused to protect our steel industry in order to attract Chinese cash and is now deceitfully blaming Brussels for failure to act.

So would we be better off outside the EU where we could set our own tariffs on Chinese steel? There are two reasons why this clearly would not be the case. First, it was our government that was blocking the tariffs on Chinese steel at European level so we would be unlikely to see them imposed in the UK. Secondly, we are a small steel producer on our own but much stronger in the world markets when we work alongside the industries of Germany, France, and Italy.

Our government has kowtowed to the Chinese but they have proved themselves to be bad allies, now imposing 46% tariffs on European steel. We would be much better off playing a constructive role in EU and working with our European partners to protect the European steel industry and steel jobs across the continent.

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