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So, who is for Brexit, and why?

Some Greens and other progressives have principled reasons for doubting our membership of the EU. We share these doubts and call for much greater democracy and accountability. But these arguments are being mobilised by people whose real agenda is quite different to ours: to attack legal protections for working people and cut away the environmental and social standards which they think are preventing business from making greater profits. Please read on and make sure you are not allowing corrupt and selfish elites to co-opt you and your vote in this referendum.

Nige and Frame


Nigel Lawson, Chairman of Vote Leave who does not believe climate change is happening: decarbonising the economy ‘is clearly an economic nonsense, which would condemn us to a wholly unnecessary fall in living standards’.



Digb and Frame

Digby Jones, former Director General of the bosses’ organisation the CBI: EU is not globally competitive because it undermines the ‘flexible labour market’: ‘Criminalises you if you work more than 48 hours a week! Destroys incentives to employ people on flexible  contracts at every turn. China must think it’s their birthday.’



Crisp and Frame


Crispin Odey, hedge fund manager and the founding partner of Odey Asset Management: argues to leave the EU because the laws introduced after the financial crisis to constrain risky banking activity are “all crap. Hedge funds profit both from volatility in the campaign and from policy and economic differences they can exploit between different financial markets

Owen and Frame


Owen Paterson, former Environment minister and man who claimed ‘the badgers moved the goalposts‘ about his discredited cull, said that: ‘the UK has been prevented from adopting GM is one further example of how unscientific policy directed at the EU level is tying our hands domestically’


Fraser and Frame


Fraser Nelson, Editor of a free-market right-wing magazine The Spectator that declared there are jobs galore in Britain: ‘We’re a globally-minded country, and one that’s losing patience with the EU’s protectionism, paranoia and insularity. A vote to leave the EU wouldn’t be a vote for Little England, but for global Britain.’



Eust and Frame

George Eustice, Farming Minister on the glyphosate ban: ‘While I am hopeful that there will be a change of heart, this is the latest example of the EU disregarding evidence and science when it comes to pesticide authorisations‘ totally ignoring the WHO’s assessment that glyphosate is probably carcinogenic and wishing to avoid the precautionary approach  taken by the EU in issuing licences for pesticides.


Tim and Frame


Tim Martin, Chairman of JD Wetherspoons: the man who resists paying decent wages to his staff may also object to the protections the EU offers them. He also demonstrates a poor understanding of world politics as well as the workings of the EU.



Banks and Frame


Arron Banks, former Tory donor implicated as a tax dodger in the Panama Papers leaks, admitted on a trip to the U.S. to champion Brexit that he welcomes the idea of getting rid of the state-run NHS saying: ‘If it were up to me, I’d privatize the NHSdespite claims by his camp that a vote to Leave will keep the NHS out of private hands.