Peace and Security

The European Union was founded to bring an end to the frequent, devastating wars across the continent. A stable Europe is vital for our future peace and security, and fosters peace through multiculturalism, diversity and a shared European identity that we are proud of.

The EU has driven the transition to democracy in a number of European countries, and in 2012 was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for advancing the causes of peace, reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe.

Through the European External Action Service and diplomatic delegations, the EU works to develop  fundamental values – from democracy and the rule of law, to the principles of human rights and fundamental freedoms, across the globe. Along with promoting peace through policy, the EU provides vital instruments such as Election Observation missions , and when necessary international sanctions. The EU comdemnned Russia following the annexation of Crimea, and imposed sanctions on persons acting against Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Most recently, the European Parliament voted in favour of an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia following their intervention in Yemen.

EU Peace